About CA

Chartered Accountancy (CA) course is one of the best elite professions in the world. It is a course structured by ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India). A CA aspirant after attaining the qualification becomes a professional Chartered Accountant. In order to attain the qualification the student needs to attend the CA Coaching Classes and undergo CA Training from a prominent CA Institution to succeed in the examinations conducted by ICAI.

Chartered Accountant Course is the only course supported by both Theoretical and Practical knowledge.

The Chartered Accountancy qualification equips professionals with the right blend of practice and principles, which gives them a benefit over their counterparts and allows them to add value to a business from their first day in the job.

Chartered Accountant is the professional who can totally understand the financial Health of the organization. Chartered Accountant is also commonly known as the Financial Watchdog. Usually, the photocopied documents are not trusted without attestation, likewise the financial statements are not considered trustworthy except if they are audited by a qualified Chartered Accountant.

Chartered Accountancy examinations are divided into three levels.

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